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Evidence Based Techiniques

Everything we teach at Sensus is rooted in a strong evidence base. The techniques taught in all of our sessions are based on CBT interventions which have been heavily researched and approved by NICE guidance. We have a sound rationale for everything we teach and we know that these techniques are proven to work.

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A fun and relaxed environment

At Sensus we believe in making therapy interesting and accessible to all. All of our days are fun, relaxed and interesting and we keep PowerPoint presentations to a minimum. Our days consist of a blend of theory and practice, allowing your employees to learn the basics around mental health and practice using techniques which allow them to manage their wellbeing long term. 

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Workplace Wellbeing Days

Did you know that poor mental health costs UK businesses in excess of £45million each year?

At Sensus we specialise in providing workplace Mental Health Wellbeing Days which equip your staff with the tools they need to understand and manage their mental health.

Wellbeing days are a fun, yet educational way of increasing understanding around mental health. They empower staff and improve overall wellbeing, which ultimately leads to increased staff satisfaction, higher rates of productivity, reduced rates of sickness absence and lower staff turnover.

Qualified and accredited facilitators

Our course facilitation leads are highly qualified and skilled Psychotherapists with a wealth of experience and knowledge. This can be tapped into by employees throughout the Wellbeing day. At Sensus we want to get to know your staff and we want them to get to know us. We believe that this open and honest approach boosts engagement and helps staff to feel more connected. All of our Psychotherapists are accredited by the BABCP so you can rest assured that your staff are being trained by therapists who are experts in their field.

Friendly Conversation

Lived Experience Advice

At Sensus we believe lived experience counts for a lot. That is why we incorporate the views and experiences of people who have suffered from and have overcome mental health difficulties themselves. Every wellbeing course is co-facilitated by a Lived Experience Advisor, allowing your staff to understand mental health 'from the inside'. We know that allowing staff to talk with people who have  suffered from common mental health problems helps to de-shame and destigmatise mental health, ultimately leading to better engagement and a more sound investment for you.

A take home package which can be used again and again

 Every wellbeing day ends with your employees being given a 'take home' package. This package contains a summary of all of the information learnt about common mental health problems, as well as print outs of all of the therapy techniques taught. This package helps employees to manage their mental health in a positive way long term, ultimately empowering them to be their own therapist. 

Long term support for those who need it

For those employees needing additional 1-1 support, Sensus can offer more long term individual therapy options. 1-1 therapy is tailored to the needs of every individual and is recommended for those with more complex difficulties. Please see our individual therapy section for more details. 

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What our clients say

Mandy, NHS

An excellent day. Fun, engaging and informative!